Why Should You Rent Serviced Apartments in Chennai


Chennai is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. And if you are planning to visit Chennai, then you should plan according to your budget. 

As sometimes, trips can cost more than we think. So the main priority that should be kept in mind is the budget and yes, definitely a comfortable place to live in. 

One of the main things, you should keep in mind is investigating your hotels, apartments and even hostels before booking them for your stay. 

As there are many hotels and apartments that are providing fake information regarding their places and are charging more than the required prices from their customers. This can be a huge drawback for visitors. 

Chennai and serviced apartments:

We would like to recommend you to book the service apartments in Chennai for monthly rental as they can provide you with all the facilities you are looking for in a particular place and that too at affordable prices. 

You won’t be facing any problems while staying in the serviced apartments as they are spacious, comfortable and yes, On the other hand, they give you a home-like feeling. 

There are multiple reasons, why you should rent serviced apartments in Chennai rather than any other accommodation for yourself. 

The Service apartments in Chennai for monthly rental are fully furnished which are available for both short term and long term periods.

It offers you all the amenities like a fitness center, Room service, washing room, and many more services. 

There is no doubt, that serviced are becoming more popular day by day and they are acting as a good alternative to hotels and various other accommodations.

Here is a list of why you should choose serviced apartments:

  • Privacy and security: 

The visitors who are traveling a long distance from their homes definitely want privacy and security when it comes to their stay at a particular place. 

Nobody wants a place to live where there is no privacy and security.

Some people are even ready to pay a little bit more, just because security is main priority for the people. 

And service apartments in Chennai for monthly rental do keep all these things in mind, as the customer’s security is their main priority. 

You will definitely enjoy your trip with your family and friends if you choose serviced apartments as your accommodation to stay in. 

Most of the serviced apartments also have guaranteed high security and safety along with well-equipped security devices such as: 

  • CCTV cameras
  • Videophones
  • Discreet entrance

As they are the best ways through which they can monitor all the activities in the commonplace. 

  • Housekeeping services: 

One of the most important advantages of staying in a serviced apartment is the housekeeping facility provided by the management. 

No matter how long you stay in the serviced apartment it is the duty of the apartment management to keep your serviced apartment clean and tidy. 

It is for sure, that you will enjoy your stay in the serviced apartment due to its stress-free, top living quality that will assist you in avoiding the chaos by keeping the house clean. 

You don’t have to worry about your laundry as you will be offered this facility and along with this, the bedsheets of your apartment will be changed regularly. 

  • Simple move in: 

Unlike the other apartments, there is no hassle in moving into a serviced apartment. 

All you have to do is book the apartment, wait for its confirmation and later on sign the rental agreement. 

You don’t have to worry about the facilities you are going to get into the serviced apartment, as they offer the facilities such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Television
  • Furnished rooms
  • Spacious rooms

The best thing about the serviced apartments is that they save your money and time by not spending on the items you will never need again.

  • Reasonable: 

The service apartments in Chennai for monthly rental are far superior to hotels and other accommodations in Chennai.

 If you are planning to visit Chennai then, choosing Serviced apartments over hotels will b the best option for you. 

You can enjoy your trip without worrying much about your budget.

Isn’t it amazing?

Before renting an apartment, it is a must for you to investigate properly about it.

You can read the reviews of the people online about the particular place, as it can help you in various ways to know about that place. 

You can even ask the questions on the online site of a particular serviced apartment. 

And later, when you are fully satisfied with all your inquiries, 

You can choose the apartment as per your requirements. 

  • Concierge: 

Almost all the serviced apartments provide the concierge service to assist their visitors, be it social or travel arrangements. 

Many of the visitors ask for such a facility from the accommodations they are planning to stay, it is very beneficial as they are very good at providing the information like:

  • The minor details about that particular area. 
  • Good restaurants nearby.
  • Public transportation
  • And even about the timings of a particular show in the theatre. 
  • Conference room: 

If you travel a lot for business purposes then service apartments in Chennai for monthly rental will be best for you. 

Want to know why? Let’s discuss it for a better understanding.

Best serviced apartments in Chennai are great at keeping their customers happy and they care about all the requirements of their customers. 

And one of the best things that the serviced apartment is good at is, they offer a boardroom facility to them. If you want to have a meeting at your place you can do it very easily and that too without any disturbance.    

  • Experience: 

People who choose to live in a serviced apartment of Chennai rather than a hotel, experience and feel to be a part of the city instead of being just guests.

 An apartment is one of a unique place that allows the tourist to have a unique holiday experience, different from the hotel guests. 

You don’t need regular cleaning in your apartment but if you need it then this service is already included in the price and if you wish extra cleaning can be requested as well.


For short term and long term service apartments in Chennai for monthly rental are the best. They can be a problem saver as they as provide a good comfortable stay at an affordable price.

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