What To Do On New Year’s Eve In Australia

New Year’s Eve In Australia

New Year 2024

On December 31, a large number of Australians celebrate New Year’s Eve with parties, music, and other forms of entertainment. The day preceding New Year’s Day is known as New Year’s Eve in the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used in Australia.

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What Do People Do on the New Year Evening

There are particular New Year’s Eve celebrations in many major Australian cities, including parades, music, and entertainment. Celebrities frequently serve as hosts or guests of honour at major New Year’s Eve celebrations. Popular New Year’s Eve events include balls with a variety of themes, including gangster and glamour, black-tie and formal clothing, masquerade, and tropical. At these occasions, prizes are given out for the most intriguing or best-dressed attire. Many people get their New Year’s resolutions ready for the following day.

On boat excursions, in metropolitan parks, or on beaches, New Year’s Eve is widely observed throughout Australia. Others host barbecues or special gatherings at their residences. Large-scale events in major cities, like Sydney, include public countdowns to New Year’s Day that are frequently televised so that people at home can participate in the festivities. Fireworks are set off as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day to bid the previous year adieu and welcome the new one. To express their happiness and gratitude for the past and present years, people frequently give each other hugs, shake hands, or kiss them on the cheek. In addition, a lot of individuals raise their glasses in salute and sip wine or champagne to mark the occasion.

Public Life on The New Year Celebration

In Australia, New Year’s Eve is not a recognised holiday. However, due to the fact that it is a school vacation, all academic institutions are closed on this day. As many government employees take time off during this season, some offices may be closed or just partially staffed.


According to the Gregorian calendar, which European settlers brought to Australia, New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year and the day before New Year’s Day, which ushers in a new year. The Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. In other parts of Europe, it was adopted right away, but Great Britain did not use it until 1752.

It’s vital to remember that not all Australian cultures celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day according to the Gregorian calendar. For instance, the Gregorian calendar’s New Year is different from those of the Hindu, Chinese, Coptic, Jewish, and Islamic calendars. Additionally, the fiscal year in Australia finishes on June 30 and the next tax year starts on July 1.


The transition from New Year’s Eve, which represents the end of the previous year, to New Year’s Day, which marks the start of the new year, is symbolised by fireworks. At midnight between these two days, the biggest and most extravagant fireworks are set off as a means of bidding farewell to the past and embracing the future. A distinctive symbol of Australia’s New Year’s Eve celebrations is the Sydney Harbour, a well-known Australian sight. Hundreds of different cultures come together for the Harbour of Light parade on this night, when the port is illuminated by magnificent fireworks.

2022 Sat 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Part Day Holiday Northern Territory, South Australia
2022 Sat 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Observance
2023 Sun 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Part Day Holiday Northern Territory, South Australia
2023 Sun 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Observance
2024 Tue 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Part Day Holiday Northern Territory, South Australia
2024 Tue 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Observance
2025 Wed 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Part Day Holiday Northern Territory, South Australia
2025 Wed 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Observance
2026 Thu 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Observance
2026 Thu 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Part Day Holiday Northern Territory, South Australia
2027 Fri 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Part Day Holiday Northern Territory, South Australia
2027 Fri 31 Dec New Year’s Eve Observance

While Visiting Australia, Find The Ideal New Year’s Eve Activity!

Make sure you celebrate the start of a new decade by participating in one of the many New Year’s Eve activities Australia has to offer. Simply follow our advice to the most ultra-fabulous ways to ring in 2022 in Australia. It will thrill even the pickiest celebrator.

Marvel at Sydney Harbour’s Fireworks

The sun-drenched Spectacular Sydney offers a combination of a laid-back and thrilling atmosphere. One of Sydney’s most well-known sites, Sydney Harbour offers breathtaking vistas of the city’s skyscrapers and sapphire-blue waters. With the famed Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks shown along the Harbour, it’s also the ideal site to ring in the new year. You may get front-row seats to the show from a number of viewing locations around the foreshore. While many of these vantage points are unrestricted, some of the better ones cost a ticket. Regardless of the viewpoint you choose, Sydney’s New Year’s Eve will surely go down in history!

Fill Your Belly at Taste of Tasmania

Prepare yourself for some fantastic food, beverages, art, and music by travelling to Tasmania. The Taste of Tasmania is hosted in beachside Hobart, which provides a refreshing sea wind and a breathtaking view of the waterfront. When the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race finished in 1988, the townspeople decided to organise a modest celebration to give the crews a reason to stay. Initially, there were only 22 food, artisan, and beverage vendors during the festival, which took place over just two days. However, interest in Tasmanian cuisine rose, and over the following 30 years, Taste of Tasmania developed to become the biggest and most important food and wine festival in the nation.

Watch the Last Sunset of the Year in Western Australia

What better way to admire Western Australia than to ring in the new year amidst the scenery? The region is known for its spectacular sunsets, which illuminate the landscape. In the final hours of the year, tourists swarm both rural areas and coastal shoreline in an effort to find the ideal location for the final sunset of the year. Many decide to go wave-surfing or have a beach barbecue, and some even go up to an ideal vantage point.

Enjoy a Boogie along the Great Ocean Road

At the Falls Festival on the Great Ocean Road, dance into the new year. The event, which is held in this lovely seaside area, features an incredible lineup of some of the top Australian and worldwide musicians. It’s a three-day camping festival in the middle of the Australian bush, dunes, and grassland, so you can genuinely get lost in the country while you listen to the music. Arrange to make your reservations well in advance because this popular festival attracts thousands of Australians from all over.

Stroll down Darwin Waterfront

Darwin’s waterfront is a bustling location throughout the year, but on New Year’s Eve it reaches a whole new level. packed with numerous festivals and events, including a free performance in the open air and fireworks. Set up a picnic area beside the soft grass with a rug and your loved ones, and enjoy the fireworks together.

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