When Is National Hug Day 2023, 2024, 2025

national hug day 2023

National Hug Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on January 21st. The day was created in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney, a professional greeting card writer and artist from Michigan, USA. The purpose of the holiday is to encourage people to give and receive hugs as a way to show affection and appreciation for loved ones.

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People celebrate National Hug Day by giving and receiving hugs from friends, family, and loved ones. Some people may also choose to hug strangers, as a way of spreading love and kindness. The day is also a reminder to take the time to appreciate and show gratitude to the people in our lives who we care about. Giving a hug can make a difference in someone’s day, and the holiday encourages people to take the time to show their loved ones that they care.

National Hug Day is not a public holiday and it’s not recognized by the government, but it is celebrated by many individuals and organizations across the world. The day is celebrated in various ways, such as by sharing hugs, sending hug images, messages, and organizing events.

The Old Norse word “hugga,” which first appeared about 450 years ago and meant “to soothe,” is thought to be the origin of the term “hug.” The origin of hugs, on the other hand, is less certain. What is known is that public hugging has only very recently—within the past 50 years—become fully accepted, setting it apart from other notable shows of affection like kissing. Hugging has become widely accepted in recent years for two main reasons that have been the subject of debate: the less formality of dress code and manners between relationships, as well as the shifting behaviours of political figures in search of a more relatable, kind-hearted perception to the public.

We no longer even ponder the fact that public embracing was once regarded as impolite PDA. We give hugs to say hello to loved ones, bid them farewell, or congratulate them. to comfort someone or offer assistance. Before sporting events and performances start, we give each other hugs as a general display of affection in close relationships. Additionally, Free Hugs charity events are held!

Other years

Day of the week Date Name of holiday
Friday Jan 21st, 2022 International Hugging Day 2022
Saturday Jan 21st, 2023 International Hugging Day 2023
Sunday Jan 21st, 2024 International Hugging Day 2024
Tuesday Jan 21st, 2025 International Hugging Day 2025
Wednesday Jan 21st, 2026 International Hugging Day 2026
Thursday Jan 21st, 2027 International Hugging Day 2027
Friday Jan 21st, 2028 International Hugging Day 2028

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