How old is Eddie Munson from Stranger Things

how old is eddie munson

How old is eddie munson- Eddie Munson is a fictional character introduced in the fourth season of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.” He is portrayed by actor Joseph Quinn.

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Edward “Eddie” Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, was a significant character in Stranger Things’ fourth season.

Eddie was a Hawkins High School student and the eccentric leader of the Hellfire Club, a school club centered on Dungeons & Dragons. He was a member of Dustin Henderson’s band Corroded Coffin and a buddy of Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Mike Wheeler.

Eddie witnessed the tragic otherworldly murder of his buddy Chrissy Cunningham in 1986. This motivated him to pursue justice for Chrissy, and he joined forces with “The Party” and its friends to investigate the murder. Eddie was also the unlucky target of Chrissy’s boyfriend, Jason Carver, who mistook Eddie for her murderer and organized members of his basketball team to chase Eddie down.

Eddie and his friends eventually found that “Vecna” – a humanoid entity from an other realm known as “the Upside Down” – was responsible for Chrissy’s death and was still murdering others like her. Eddie eventually exploited the power of heavy metal to distract Vecna’s swarm of Demobats while the others launched an assault on the Creel House; unfortunately for Eddie, the attempt to entice the bats cost him his life. Eddie was depicted as a murderer and cult leader in the days that followed, but Dustin consoled his bereaved uncle, promising him that those close to Eddie would always remember him differently.


Eddie Munson was born between the years of 1965 and 1968. Al Munson, his father, was infamous for concocting dubious schemes. Al eventually left Eddie’s life, and Eddie became the ward of his paternal uncle, Wayne Munson. Wayne’s trailer in Hawkins’ Forest Hills Trailer Park was where the two lived.

Eddie attended Hawkins Middle School with Chrissy Cunningham in the late 1970s. Hawkins Middle School sponsored a talent show during their stay there, in which both Eddie and Chrissy performed. Eddie admired Chrissy’s cheerleading, and Chrissy remembered Eddie’s rock band, Corroded Coffin. The two eventually grew apart after they started attending Hawkins High School, though Eddie never disliked her.

Eddie ran Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons club, the Hellfire Club, which was reviled by the town due to the growing notion that D&D was associated with Satan worship. Despite the claims, Eddie thrived in the club and found fulfillment in reaching out to other kids who felt excluded. His conviction in the benefits of being different and his dislike for social conformity frequently led to fights with the popular kids, such as Chrissy’s boyfriend and the captain of the Hawkins High Basketball Team, Jason Carver. Eddie was supposed to graduate in 1984 and 1985, but his rebellious tendency and poor grades caused him to be held back, leading him to despise the school’s principal.

“The Cult of Vecna” was released in 1986.

Dustin and Mike sat down in the cafeteria on Friday, March 21, at the table where Eddie and his D&D group, The Hellfire Club, were eating. Eddie was in the middle of reading aloud from a newspaper warning of the hazards of D&D, and when he finished, he jumped on the table to give a statement about forced conformity. He stated that he and the other Hellfire members were dubbed “freaks” by the school, although pupils in other groups, such as the basketball team, were accepted by society.

Later that night, when Mike and Dustin brought up Lucas’ inability to join Hellfire’s campaign, Eddie reminded the lads of how he had welcomed them into his group at the start of the school year, and assured them that they would be Hellfire’s future once Eddie graduated. He then urged Mike and Dustin to seek out more “lost” kids in search of meaning and enlist them to the D&D group.

Eddie afterwards met with Chrissy Cunningham to execute a narcotics trade with her. He was initially perplexed as to why she wanted anything to do with him, but he immediately warmed up to her and worked to make her feel at ease in his presence. After some shared laughter, Chrissy asked Eddie whether he ever felt like he was losing his mind, and Eddie admitted that he did. He started joking around and brought up their past, reminding her of a talent competition he was in when he was in middle school. Chrissy remembered his being in a band named Corroded Coffin, and Eddie mentioned that they still played and asked her to one of their future shows.

After the drug trade was postponed until Eddie could procure Chrissy something stronger, everyone left Hawkins High and went home to prepare for the basketball game. Erica Sinclair appeared as a stand-in for Lucas, who was at the championship game, when Eddie and the Hellfire Club convened for their campaign. Eddie was first suspicious of her abilities, but he rapidly changed his mind as she displayed her quick wit and D&D knowledge. Eddie referenced Vecna during the game, and as the game-master, he loved guiding the others on an unbelievable experience. When Erica and Dustin’s fate was in their hands, Eddie counseled them to give up and not strive to be heroes that night. But Erica eventually triumphed, and Eddie was thrilled with their success.

Joseph Quinn Bio :

  • Age: Joseph Quinn was born in 1997, making him 26 years old
  • Notable Roles: Prior to “Stranger Things,” Quinn is known for his roles in productions like “Catherine the Great,” “Les Misérables,” and “Game of Thrones,” where he played a minor character named Koner.
  • Net Worth: Specific details about Joseph Quinn’s net worth are not widely reported as of 2021, but given his increasing prominence, it’s likely on the rise.
  • Personal Life: As of my last update, there isn’t widely available public information about Joseph Quinn’s personal relationships or girlfriend.


Q. How old is Steve Harrington?

A. Steve Harrington is 20 years old.

Q. Who was Eddie Munson’s best friend?

A. Eddie Munson’s best friend was Dustin Henderson, who was also part of Eddie’s club, The Hellfire Club.

Q. Who plays Chrissy in Stranger Things?

A. American actress Grace van Dien plays the character of Chrissy.

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