Difference Between Vegetarian Creature And Non-Vegetarian Creature

Difference Between Vegetarian Creature And Non-Vegetarian Creature

Man is non-vegetarian or vegetarian ?? Read the whole Once a reflective teacher asked his 10th standard children  An Intresting Story.

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You guys are going somewhere and

From the front a worm Insects or a snake lizard or a cow-buffalo or any other strange creature, which you have never seen before in life, then the question is that

How will you recognize that

Does that organism lay eggs or children?

What is his identity?

Most children remain silent

While in some children, the internal khusar-fusser continued….

Two minutes later

Then that teacher himself told himself that – it is very easy !!

Those who appear outside their ears give children

And creatures whose ears do not appear outside

They lay eggs….

Then asked another question that –

Tell me this, you have come in front of you a creature… So how will you recognize whether it is a vegetarian or a non -vegetarian?

Because you have not seen him eating food before,

The same curiosity in children and the sounds of Khusar Fusar …..

the teacher said-

Look brother is very easy,

The creatures

 Out of the eyes, the upper structure is round, they are all non -vegetarian,

For example, such a person, cat, eagle, bird, lion, wolf, eagle or any other animal and other eyes are round, it will be a non-vegetarian,

In the same way, all of them are vegetarian, all of them are vegetarian,

Such as deer, cow, elephant, bull, buffalo, goat, etc.

Their eyes are long in the outside texture .!!!

Then that reflective teacher asked the children that-

Children now tell whether man’s eyes are round or length?

This time all the children said that man’s eyes are long!!

On this matter, the teacher again asked the children that – tell me that according to this man became a vegetarian organism or a non -vegetarian ??

The answer to all the children was vegetarian.

Then asked the teacher that the children should tell that – then why do a lot of people eat meat?

So this time the children gave a very serious answer and that answer was that due to ignorance or foolishness.

Then that teacher told the children another thing that

All of the creatures whose nails are sharp are all non -vegetarians,

Such as lion, cat, dog, eagle, vulture or any other sharp nails….

And creatures whose nails are widely flattened are all vegetarian,

Such as man, cow, horse, donkey, bull, elephant, camel, deer, goat etc.

According to this, now tell them that children’s nails are sharp sharply or wide flattened ??

All the children said that

Wide flattened,

Then the teacher asked that

Now tell this, according to which human beings happened in the category of creatures ??

All the children said in unison that they were vegetarian.


Then the teacher told the third thing to the children that all the creatures or animals and animals are sweating, they are all vegetarian,

Such as horse, bull, cow, buffalo, mule, etc. many creatures

While non -vegetarian creatures do not sweat, they are naturally panting to drip saliva by removing their tongue.

Thus they control the heat of their body …

So the question arises that

Man sweats or man adjusts his temperature with tongue ??

All the children said that man sweats,

The teacher said, “Well, tell me which creature man proved to be from this thing, all the children said together – Vegetarian.

 *The vegetarian creature drinks water. And the non -vegetarian creature drinks the water of chaat chaat with the tongue.

Vegetarian creatures – teeth are flattened and the teeth of a carnivorous creature are sharp.

Vegetarian creatures can take life for a very long time, but non -vegetarian creatures end their lives in a very short time, that is, their age is very young.

People who believe in all the people, especially in non-violence, Sanatan Dharma, Culture and traditions, can develop such a style of interactions to give moral knowledge or learn to children, if they want, even if they want,

From this, what they understand will be learned by them and will work throughout their life

Remember, children will not be bored while studying….

If children grow up, then also tell them how a vegetarian man uses non -vegetarian in the absence of information. And it says that when food was not grown, humans used to consume non-vegetarians, which is completely wrong, then humans lived on tuber and fruits, which is right and also matches his structure and nature.

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