Home Upgrades That Are Actually Worth the Investment


With the cost of purchasing homes skyrocketing in the past couple of years, many homeowners have chosen to remodel their existing homes rather than move. One recent study reported that roughly 55 percent of homeowners reported renovating in 2021 alone. In addition, the National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that more than 10 percent of U.S. homeowners remodel their kitchens every year. If you’re considering upgrading your home, here are a few upgrades worth the investment.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. Families gather there to prepare meals, but the room also serves as a place to talk and share life experiences. When house shoppers look at prospective homes, a well-designed kitchen is a major selling point. Experts from Simple Kitchen renovation services work with residents to create their ideal kitchen space.

Adding a Home Office

Since the onset of the pandemic, homeowners everywhere are realizing how important having a home office is. New home design trends now include home office spaces that provide the privacy and functions needed by entrepreneurs and home-based corporate workers. While a home office can be a converted bedroom, additions dedicated to providing working spaces are now common.

Finishing an Attic or Basement

Many homes have unused basements or attics that could provide additional living space. Attic areas are often ideal for bedroom or office spaces. Basements may not be ideal for bedrooms, but media rooms are commonly created in basement areas. Of course, basements can serve other purposes as well, depending on their size and accessibility.

Opening Up the Home’s Floor Plan

One of today’s most popular trends is opening up a home’s floor plan. While some designers are moving away from totally opening the floor plan, most still see value in creating larger spaces that remove that closed-in feeling smaller rooms typically have.

Creating an En Suite Arrangement

While many homes have bathrooms adjoining one or more bedrooms, the en suite trend takes those spaces to a new level. Rather than living with a cramped bathroom, many homeowners are creating exciting bath areas that are better integrated with the bedroom and offer far more functionality than basic bathrooms. Again, home buyers look for updated bath spaces.

Adding Outdoor Living Spaces

Decks and patios are common, but modern outdoor living trends drift toward well-equipped outdoor kitchens and seating areas that include additions like fire pits and spas. Again, this trend expanded during the pandemic when people didn’t feel comfortable going out to eat, but even as the pandemic wanes, the move toward creating incredible outdoor living spaces is still growing.

Upgrading Siding, Doors, and Windows

A home’s curb appeal is also important when considering worthwhile upgrades. Many older siding options no longer hold the appeal they once did. Older doors also don’t always pass the test of time. New door designs look nicer and are often far more energy efficient. Some older windows allow drafts that make homes uncomfortable and cause heating or cooling bills to soar. Refreshing a home’s exterior adds value and makes the property more attractive.

Choose Your Projects Carefully

When deciding which upgrades to consider, take the time to examine the reasons for wanting those upgrades and then prioritize them accordingly. For example, that kitchen upgrade may end up at the top of your list as that room is so essential for family life.

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