How To Get Ahead at Work

How to get ahead at Work

When you set up a business, what is usually your plan? Is it just a means to get by and meet your family’s needs? Or do you actually aspire to grow your business and become relevant in your specialty? Just so you know, people with the latter plan get ahead with ease. So, if you, like I, wish to get ahead at work, these tips from Google’s Head HR, who isn’t new to getting ahead, will give you that trampoline flight you need.

  1. Network and build relationships with colleagues.
  2. Take on additional responsibilities.
  3. Seek out opportunities for professional development.
  4. Offer innovative solutions and take calculated risks.
  5. Consistently deliver quality work and exceed expectations.
  6. Seek out and receive feedback to improve performance.
  7. Align work with company goals and priorities.
  8. Communicate effectively and demonstrate strong teamwork skills.
  9. Be proactive, take initiative and show leadership potential.
  10. Stay positive, adaptable, and continue learning and growing.

. Give your work meaning. Whatever you do matters to someone, and it should matter to you. Hence let the needs of your consumers be what guides the decisions regarding the services you offer.

. Trust People.  If you do not trust people, you cannot learn or receive help that will get you ahead. Be transparent and honest with the people you work with. Give them a voice on how things work and give ear to their ideas as it shows you value their contributions.

. Hire people who are better than you.  The first step to learning and growing is acknowledging that you are limited in knowledge. With this in mind, try not to compromise in your hiring. Look out for qualities that will advance your work. You know what lacks, find it in the applicants.

. Be frugal and generous.  Generosity has a way of commanding loyalty. Do not hold back from giving your employees a treat.

. Pay Deservedly. Pay employees according to their contributions. That way, no bicker arises amongst colleagues. Be generous in recognising achievements and rewarding accordingly, this motivates staff and stirs them to always give their best. 

 . Manage rising expectations. Be careful to communicate changes or new expectations across to your employees. That will help transform them from critics to supporters.

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