List of Best Hair Salons in Sydney

Hair Salons in Sydney

There are many great hair salons in Sydney, and the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences and the services you are looking for. However, some highly rated hair salons in Sydney include:

  • Edwards and Co: Known for their trendy cuts and colors, and their experienced stylists.
  • Headcase Hair: This salon offers a wide range of services, from cuts and colors to extensions and bridal hair.
  • Oscar Oscar Salons: With multiple locations in Sydney, Oscar Oscar is known for its high-end services, luxurious atmosphere, and experienced stylists.
  • The Strand Hair Co: This salon is known for its modern and minimalist aesthetic, and its team of talented stylists.
  • The Hair Room: Offers a wide range of hair services, and it is known for its contemporary and chic style.
  • The Barber Shop: With its vintage atmosphere, the Barber Shop is considered one of the best men’s hair salons in Sydney.
  • Hair by JFK: Specialized in hair coloring and cutting, it is known for its friendly and professional stylists.
  • Hair by Alyssa: A luxury hair salon that offers a wide range of hair services, from cuts and colors to styling and extensions.

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