Meaning of a Share- Definition & Meaning

Meaning of a Share

You calculate your share, or part, of the pizza by mentally dividing the number of slices by the number of persons in the room as you drool over the pizzas your pals ordered.

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Your portion of something can be the portion of the total that is owed to you, such as the candy from the piata, or it might be the portion for which you are accountable, such as doing your portion of the garage cleaning. A piece of anything is given or distributed when the verb share is used. The Proto-Indo-European root sker, which means “to cut,” is the source of the word share and its meaning of dividing into parts.

The word “share” can have a few different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Here are a few common definitions of the word:

  1. A portion of something that is divided among a group of people: For example, you might say “I’ll take a share of the pizza” if you want a portion of the pizza that is being divided among a group of people.
  2. A unit of ownership in a company: When a company is owned by multiple people or organizations, each owner holds a certain percentage of the company, which is referred to as a “share.”
  3. To make something available to others: For example, you might say “I’ll share my umbrella with you” if you are willing to let someone else use your umbrella.
  4. To reveal something to someone: For example, you might say “I’m not ready to share my plans for the future” if you don’t want to reveal your plans to someone else.

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