Steinway Tower- The World’s Thinnest Skyscraper

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It is excited to announce that entries are now being accepted for the 11th Annual A+Awards! The Main Entry Deadline is December 16, 2022, so go to work on your proposal right away. A significant step in the construction of the opulent Steinway Tower at 111 West 57th Street, a thin, ultra-tall structure designed by SHoP Architects, was achieved in April 2019. Over the course of the pandemic, finishing elements like an architectural crown have been gradually put to the superstructure. The external hoist was ultimately taken down in March 2021, and the structure is now finished.

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According to Kevin Maloney of Property Markets Group and Michael Stern of JDS Development, the completion of the superstructure at 111 West 57th Street marks a significant construction milestone. The installation of the ornate crown, which will signal the building’s official top off, is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with New Yorkers as it starts to take shape. This building was entirely constructed by New Yorkers, which excites us greatly.

Steinway Tower, which claims to be the thinnest skyscraper in the world, stands out on the New York skyline thanks to its eye-catching staggered shape. The tower rises 1,428 feet above the surface of the earth on a land that is only 18 metres wide. The building is the thinnest structure the world has ever seen, with a narrow width-to-height ratio of 1:24. The south side of the structure has a staggered shape due to a number of setbacks while the north side reaches the building’s peak.

Steinway Tower distinguishes itself from freshly built buildings with their monotonous glass façade with a traditional neo-classical look. This terracotta and gold filigree-wrapped structure is a traditional skyscraper in the New York style that has been expertly combined with modern technologies, offering a superb example of engineering and fabrication.

From A Piano Store To A Residential Tower:

Steinway Tower, also known as 111 West 57th Street Building, is a residential structure situated in Manhattan City, New York, near Sixth Avenue on 57th Street. The structure was intended to serve two distinct purposes at two different epochs. The Steinberg and Sons piano company’s original offices and showroom were located in the Steinway tower. Warren & Wetmore created the beaux arts structure, which was constructed in 1925. By 2001, the structure had been designated a monument, making demolition prohibited by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The residential tower’s construction started in 2015 after being taken up by JDS development in 2012.

steinway tower

10 Facts About Steinway Tower

Take note of these 10 noteworthy details about midtown’s newest architectural needle as one of New York City’s most striking buildings nears completion:

  1. With a width-to-height ratio of roughly 1:24, Steinway Tower will be the world’s thinnest skyscraper when it is finished.
  2. The tower will rise to a height of 435 metres, or 1,428 feet. This makes it taller than ONE57 by Atelier Christian de Portzamparc and Rafael Violy’s 432 Park Avenue (1,396 ft), among other buildings (1,005 feet).
  3. The Steinway Tower has 82 stories. The upper 77 will hold luxury apartments, while the first five will include communal entertainment areas and high-end shopping.
  4. Billionaire’s Row, so dubbed after the extremely wealthy investors who are funding the construction of apartment towers along 57th and other streets, is where 111 West 57th Street is located. Other opulent buildings on 57th Street include the Central Park Tower by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, 432 Park Avenue, and One 57.
  5. At least $100 million is anticipated to be paid for the tallest unit. Although this may appear high, it would be typical for New York: The penthouse at 220 Central Park South was recently bought by billionaire Ken Griffin for $238 million.
  6. The building’s slim mullions that curve upward toward the crown on its bronze and terracotta façade pay homage to New York’s art deco past.
  7. According to YIMBY, 49,000 cubic yards of concrete were needed to build the tower.
  8. The tower’s renowned early 20th-century towers in New York served as inspiration for its tapering shape. It is “a daring interpretation of what is achievable within the limitations of the Midtown Manhattan zoning envelope,” according to SHoP Architects.
  9. Steinway Hall, a 96-year-old historic structure that originally hosted concert halls and piano showrooms for the renowned Steinway & Sons, is used for the project as part of its “air rights.” 2013 saw the sale of Steinway Hall to the builders of 111 West 57th Street.
  10. Future occupants will have a symmetrical view of this famous public space, the Upper East Side, and the Upper West Side thanks to the tower’s exact alignment with Central Park’s axis.

Final Words

Steinway Tower is not only the world’s thinnest skyscraper but a superb illustration of the fusion of classic and modern design. Due to its location close to Central Park, the building celebrates rather than compromises the views from inside. The 111 West 57th Street structure is unique in that the new residential tower and the existing Steinway Hall are seamlessly integrated.

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