What is UNRUGGABLE Technology ?


“Unruggable Technology” is likely the name of a podcast that focuses on technology and its impact on society. The term “unruggable” may be used to describe technology or innovations that are stable, permanent, and cannot be easily moved or changed. The podcast may cover topics such as emerging technologies, advancements in existing technologies, and their effects on various industries and aspects of daily life. The exact focus and format of the “Unruggable Technology” podcast is unclear without more context or information.

The $WGMI (ERC-20) community’s first NFT collection is called The Unruggables.

The collection includes 888 distinctive Unruggable phoenixes that symbolize how our community triumphed when the token was first rugged by its inventor.

All royalties from the secondary sales of NFTs in this collection will be used to buy ETH/WGMI LP tokens, lock up that liquidity by burning those LP tokens, and provide liquidity for the $WGMI coin.

The $WGMI community reveres the number 888. The artist and community chose to use this specific number and maintain a low supply because this collection was conceptualized and produced when the community takeover was still relatively new.

The community-led $WGMI movement will be able to continue existing and flourishing in the future by providing permanently locked-in liquidity.


The uniswap $WGMI-ETH trading pair will receive liquidity from all initial sales proceeds and royalties from subsequent sales. Trading pair liquidity tokens are provided by Uniswap to the liquidity provider, who can then use them to redeem the deposited liquidity. Leaders in the $WGMI community run a multi-signature wallet that buys $WGMI tokens, offers liquidity on Uniswap, and burns the liquidity tokens to make the liquidity share permanently unrecoverable.

A rising amount of the $WGMI token supply will be locked into this irretrievable pool when this section of the liquidity pool accrues fees, effectively rendering $WGMI deflationary.


With the $WGMI token serving as our governance token, we will use snapshot voting if the $WGMI community chooses to spend royalties from secondary sales for another purpose. Your ability to vote is based on how much $WGMI you own.


Each mint is priced. 06 eth.

The project’s designers and not-devs will mint and reserve about 30 tokens as thanks for donations and as gifts for important GMIs who have assisted us in moving the needle in this movement.

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