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Planning to purchase India’s best geyser. Here is a list of 5 best water heater in India and their specification, analysis, benefit, disadvantage, and buyer guide. A geyser is one of our house’s most popular electrical equipment. It gives us hot water both for bathing and washing. Geysers are available in two separate versions – storage geysers and instant geysers. In contrast with instant geysers, Storage water heaters supply hot water without any breaks. But they’re a bit pricey and they require more space for wall mounting.

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You have to remember the Relevant points below when buying a water heater.

Capacity: Geysers are typically storage capacity of between 6 and 35 liters. If you want warm water for kitchen utensils, it is enough to have a volume of 6 to 8 liters. However, 8 to 10 liters is enough for a bucket wash. You may need more than 15 liters of the geyser for baths with a stream.

Water tank Material: Copper, thermostatic or stainless steel are the most common materials used. The substance from stainless steel comes with an anticorrosive and glass layer that prevents corrosion and electrical and chemical reactions and insulation is much stronger and less maintenance is required.

Power: The majority of electric water heaters in India have a capacity of between 1500 and 3000 watts. The rule of thumb is-water gets heated faster as the wattage is higher.

While these are the three main reasons, you need to remember far more. In our “Purchase Guide,” we have given them comprehensive details. In addition, after a thorough review of efficiency, reliability, and operation, we have also selected the 5 best water heaters in India.

Choose one of the best geysers as per your requirement.

  • 25 liter Best Geyser
  • 25 and 15 liters Best Geyser
  • Best 25 ,15 & 10 liters Geyser
  • 25, 15, 10 & 6 liters Best Geyser
  • 6 Liter Best Geyser
  • 3 liter Instant Geyser

List and Features of Trending Water heater/Geyser in India


Storage Geysers Water Tank Capacity Power Consumption Inner Tank + Warranty Buy Now
AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 watts 7+4 years Check the Price
Bajaj New Shakti GL Water Heater 25 Litre 2000 watts 5+ 2 years Check the Price
American Micronic AMI WHM3 Water Heater 25 Litre 2000 watts 2 years Check the Price
V-Guard Victo Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 watts 2 years Check the Price
Havells Monza EC5S Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 watts 6+2 years Check the Price
Usha Misty Water Heater 25 Litre 2000 watts 7+2 years Check the Price
V-Guard Victo Plus Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 watts 7+2years Check the Price
Racold Eterno 2 Water Heater 15 Liters 2000 watts 7+2 years Check the Price
Crompton Solarium DLX Water Heater 15 Liters 2000 watts 5+2 years Check the Price
Longway Water Heater 25 liters 2000 watts 1+2years Check the Price


Our List Top 5 Best Geyser in India

  1. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Storage Water Heater


best water heater in india

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With this trendy and lightweight 15-liter water heater, the US’ leading water heater firm has stormed the Indian market. AO Smith is known to improve the durability of the appliance with its advanced innovations. This 5-star BEE water heater is available in two versions (15 and 25 liters) guaranteeing superior energy conservation consistency and efficiency.

The water heater is better suited to Indian water conditions because the urban water source is rough water in most places. And it’s our top collection on this chart. The chic configuration of the water heater is fitted with a front panel temperature control knob. You should set the temperature of the control pushbutton (25-75 ° C), at which the water is heated. Auto thermal cutting works marvelously if the water reaches the pre-set temperature. When the water temperature passes, the thermal cutout cuts off the power source. Similarly, as pressure raises a predetermined cap, a safety valve holds water pressure in check by automatically releasing water.

  • Model No and Type – SDS GREEN, Storage Water heater
  • Colour – White
  • BEE Star – 5 star
  • Alignment – Wall mount Vertical
  • Product Dimensions: 44.4 x 44.4 x 38.3 cm
  • Weight – 13 Kg
  • Capacity – 15L and 25 L
  • Outer Body Material – ABS
  • Power – 2000 watts
  • Warranty – 7 years on the inner tank, 2+2 years extended warranty on glass coated heating element, and 2 years on the geyser.
  • Avg Customer Rating – 4.1/5

Positive Side

  • Comes with a 7-year warranty for the inner tank
  • 4-year extended warranty on the glass coated heating element
  • Energy efficient (BEE 5 star)
  • Customizable temperature setting and thermal cutout
  • 15-liter storage capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Super silent

Down Side

  • It doesn’t come with free connecting pipes, you need to purchase separately.
  • A bit pricey compared to others.
  • No free installation in small towns needs to pay 400rs. But free for big cities


  1. Havells Monza EC5S 15 Litre Water Heater

Best water heater in India

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This 15-liter is the perfect option for a guest room from the largest power distribution equipment manufacturer. It is not possible to note a heater due to its ergonomic nature. The high-performance goods of Havells are well-known and this EC 5s water heater is up to standards. The anode rod is heavy-duty, shielding the tank from corrosion. The Incoloy heating element has excellent resistance, even at high temperatures, to both oxidation and carbonization. The internal tank is composed of cold rolling steel extra-thick.

  • Model No – Monza EC 5S
  • Capacity – 25 Litre perfect for big families.
  • Colour – White/Ivory
  • Product Dimensions: 68.5 x 43.5 x 44.5 cm
  • Weight – 16.6 Kg
  • Power – 2000 watts
  • Warranty – 5 years on the inner tank & 2 years on the geyser.
  • Avg Customer Rating – 4.1/5

Positive Side

  • Shock-resistant electrical units
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Durable fero glass technology
  • Comes with a prolonged warranty period
  • Auto cut off feature
  • Heats up quickly

Down Side

  • Low-temperature heating is not very impressive
  • A bit higher priced


       3. Usha Misty 25 Litre Water Heater


Best water heater in India

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The USHA Misty water heaters combine performance and protection to provide you with a confident geyser. The water heater Misty is famous for its protection and utility systems.

This classic output, protection, and energy efficiency bundle is an ideal option for your home. USHA water heaters have features designed to avoid overheating and dry heating, temperature, and pressure control, and to prevent electrical leakage to maximum safety.

The heater has a lovely pattern on its ABS body. For the features, it promises, the heater is appropriately priced. With this water heater, protection is essential. Super smooth power and reliability are what this heater should anticipate. The water in the tank takes about 10 minutes to heat up. But installation and after-sales is terrible!

  • Sapphire powder coated tank
  • High concentrate magnesium coated anode rod
  • Incoloy 800 heating element
  • Superior safety systems
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 5-star BEE rating

Positive Side

  • Multi safety features
  • Comes with a 2-year product warranty; 7-year inner tank warranty
  • Heats up quickly
  • Retains heat for prolonged hours

Down Side

  • Installation and customer service needs improving
  • A low-temperature mode is not effective

          4. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-Litre Water Heater

Best water heater in India

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This product in India has some amazing features to deal with municipal water hardness. Without much care, the 25-liter storage tank capacity efficiently works time and resources wisely. The characteristics are very similar to our topper, but this has an appropriate capacity of 25 liters. The second position on the list is worth it.


  • Model No and Type – New Shakti, Storage Water heater
  • Colour – White
  • BEE Star – 4 star
  • Alignment – Wall mount Vertical
  • Product Dimensions: 43.3 cm X 44.1 cm X 57 cm
  • Pressure: 8 Bars
  • Capacity – 10L, 15L, and 25L variants
  • Power – 2000 watts
  • Warranty – 2 years on overall product, 5 years on the heating element, and also 2 years on the inner tank.
  • Avg Customer Rating – 4.1/5

Positive Side

  • Magnesium anode gives extra protection from corrosion and leakage.
  • The unique temperature indicator dial
  • Free installation
  • Power-saving features – BEE 4 star rating

Down Side

  • Pipes and miscellaneous installation accessories do not come with the package.
  • The temperature monitor is not accurate.


        5. V-Guard 15 Litre Water Heater

Best water heater in India

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V-guard is India’s most trusted brand for electricity, with an elegant and high-performance water heater. A 15-liter tank consisting of high-quality material is included in the vertical water heaters. It is the among the list of 5 best water heater in India

  • Model No and Type –  15LTR (2015)
  • Colour – Black and White
  • BEE Star – 5 star
  • Alignment – Wall mount Vertical
  • Product Dimensions: 41.5 x 40 x 53 cm
  • Weight – 9.8 Kg
  • Pressure: 8 Bars
  • Capacity – 15L and 25 L
  • Power – 2000 watts
  • Warranty – 2 years on product and also 7 years on tank.
  • Avg Customer Rating – 4.0/5

Positive Side

  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with a 2 -year warranty
  • Accessory kit included
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer shelf-life

Down Side

  • Installation is not that good compared to other brands. Their after-sale service needs improvement.

The water heater and its purchasing guide were discussed in this article. It is always preferable to select water according to your requirements. You should always monitor its type, storage capacity, material, and brand when buying the 5 best water heater in India.

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