8 Blue Flowers That Represent Rarity And Uniqueness


Blue flowers are unique and rare in themselves. Gifting blue flowers to someone else also represents this trait of uniqueness, and shows appreciation for the person. Here is a list of 8 beautiful blue flowers for you.

  • Bluestar

Blue Stars are bright blue flowers that can instantly give your home or your garden a vibrant look. The flower represents affection and steadfastness. The color of Bluestar flowers is unique. They bloom in blue clusters on greenish-yellow foliage. So, the next time you want to send someone blue flowers, pick a bunch of Bluestars. They do not need additional decorations. Take a bunch and tie them up with a ribbon to make a perfect and unique bouquet. 

  • Balloon flower

Balloon flowers are unique. These pretty blooms add a touch of grace to landscapes and flower arrangements. They come in shades of blue, pink, and white. Balloon flowers are star-shaped. They bloom from the buds resembling balloons. The flowers often represent the five senses in different cultures. In the flower world, blue color and balloon flowers are quite uncommon. So, if you are looking forward to sending some unique flowers to a dear one, get a bunch of these pretty blue flowers. 

  • Forget-me-not

As beautiful as the name sounds, blue forgets me that flowers are truly unique and one of a kind. It represents remembrance and an everlasting bond between two souls. It also symbolizes true and spiritual love. Forget me, flowers are powder blue in color and it is the official state flower of Alaska. They are actually wildflowers that grow rapidly. Gifting someone to forget me, not flowers is a beautiful gesture of love.

  • Dandelion

Dandelions are simple blooms that hold a lot of meanings. They symbolize growth, hope, and healing in general. Depending on their color, the symbolism changes too. For instance, yellow dandelions represent happiness and love. Dandelions are early spring flowers. So, they symbolize the return of life, abundant power, and strength. Blue dandelions are rare. The bright blue blooms represent faithfulness, happiness, and tranquility. Though rare to find, these blue flowers look enchanting in bouquets. So, if you order flowers online from SnapBlooms, don’t forget to get a bunch of blue dandelions to brighten any corner of your home. 

  • Blue hydrangea

Blue hydrangeas are breath-taking. They make a stunning choice for bridal flower arrangements. The brides who love to carry unique bridal bouquets, often choose blue hydrangeas. Also, a few brides carry standalone blue hydrangea flower arrangements. The blue shades of hydrangea, however, may differ depending on the soil type. They mostly come in subtle blue shades like powder blue. These blue blooms convey the heartiest feeling of love when sent to a dear one. So, you can place online flower orders for blue hydrangeas to express love and affection to someone. 

  • Grape hyacinth

These blue bulb-shaped flowers are unique and they look amazing in a vase. Grape hyacinth grows in clusters and is available in blue, purple, white, and yellow varieties. These flowers symbolize playful joy, constancy, and trust. They are often associated with rebirth. These blue beauties bloom during the mid-spring. So, if you want a bunch for your home, get some for decor while they are in season.

  • Rose

Everyone loves roses and the blue color. Whether you like light blue or a deeper one, all of its shades are ethereal. While light blue is serene and calm, dark blue is bold and confident. When it comes to flowers, blue roses are the most unique and rare ones. Blue roses symbolize mystery or achieving the impossible. Often, they are also associated with unrequited love. Blue roses are available with the local florists in different shades. However, they do not exist in nature. They are artificially dyed. Hence, blue roses are rare to find and expensive. 

  • Aster

Aster flowers come in different shades – blue, purple, pink, yellow, red, and white. They are the last flowers to bloom in a year. Asters are associated with daintiness, love, and peace. They are believed to have healing properties as well. Blue aster bouquets look enchanting when used for decorations. You can place them as centerpieces or even in a simple vase for your workspace. 

When you give someone with one or several of these blue flowers, it represents that you consider the person to be extremely special, unique, and rare. Gifting blue flowers is a form of appreciation. For sudden plans and surprises, you can get these rare blue asters via same day flower delivery from SnapBlooms and make that special someone beam with joy!


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