Example of Abstract and Material Noun

Example of Abstract and Material Noun

Nouns serve as naming words. It could be the name of someone, somewhere, something, a substance, or even a sensation. For instance, Tom, Delhi, Table, Gold, Bravery, etc.

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There are 5 types of noun.

Proper noun:

It is the name of a certain person, place, or business. The initial letter is always written in capital letters. Agra, Ram, Shyam, etc.

Common noun:

It is the moniker used to refer to all members of a specific category. I’m Ram, for instance. Here, “ram” is a proper noun. But I’m only human. Human is a term that is commonly used to refer to all people of my type. Cows, dogs, elephants, students, and other animals are instances of common nouns.

Collective noun:

It is used to describe a collection of a specific kind of people. A herd of cows is an example. Similar to this, a pride of lions is referred as.

Material Noun:

It speaks of the materials, material, or substance used to create things. such as milk, silver, or gold.

Abstract noun:

A noun that is used to refer to something that isn’t actual or tangible but is instead just a concept, a sensation, a state, or an action. For instance, youth, boldness, attractiveness, fear, and honesty. The immaterial nouns that are invisible to our five senses are referred to as abstract nouns. Abstract nouns are used to express feeling, traits, theories, relationships, concepts, and experience. The definition of abstract is something that only exists in idealised form. It is only real in the mind.

Abstract Noun Examples

Beauty, bravery, friendship, enmity, persistence, satisfaction, misery, patriotism, fear, liberty, pleasure, peace, reality, awe, omen, music, justice, honesty, courage, energy, faith, misery, sadness, truth, curiosity, parenthood, intelligence, foolishness, happiness, doubt, trust, loyalty, deceit, and music.

Concrete nouns are the opposite of abstract nouns. These nouns are imperceptible to our senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell.

Material nouns

Material noun is also one of the five types of nouns.

The names of the materials that make up objects are known as material nouns. These words tend to be proper nouns rather than common nouns.

Animals, vegetation, and other natural elements are examples of material nouns. Humans later employ these nouns to recreate diverse need.

Material Noun Examples

Among other things, there is gold, mercury, water, milk, juice, copper, steel, iron, diamond, soap, rain, paint, perfume, deodorant, islands, skies, moons, rocks, hair, hurricanes, salt, coal, coffee, tea, wood, oil, and leather.

In general, material nouns cannot be pluralized.

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